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The Tavistock Network: 21st Century Mind Control
(Source: Tavistock – The Best Kept Secret in America.
eadquartered in London, England and established in 1947, the Tavistock Institute seeks
to “combine research in the social science with professional practice” along Freudian
lines. The Institute set up the operational guidelines for the Central Intelligence Agency
(CIA) and developed mass “brainwashing” techniques used on prisoners of war (POWs)
during the Korean War (1950-52). The Institute trains leaders in education, politics, and
business. Today it’s a $6 billion network organized around ten major U.S. based institutions
with 400 subsidiaries and over 3,000 think tanks and study groups.
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(Stanford Univ.)
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Let No Man Deceive You

By Lee Warren  (c) 2002 PLIM REPORT, Vol. 11 #1

Feel free to copy and circulate this article for non-commercial purposes provided the Web site and author are mentioned.


 Does the media make deception easy?

Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was former national security advisor under President Jimmy Carter, a member of the Council Foreign Relations and first director of Trilateral Commission, wrote of the power of the technocratic era to control the America people�s minds in his book Between Two Ages: America�s Role in the Technocratic Era. He states: �� In the technetronic society the trend seems to be toward �effectively exploiting the latest communication techniques to manipulate emotions and control reason.  Human beings become increasingly manipulated and malleable  �� It is a horrifying thought that men in high places would subject their fellow citizens to mind control for the sake of power and domination, but this is the same deception that Lucifer practiced in heaven to control one-third of the angels. Later in this article, other names of people in high places that advocate the use of mind control on the masses will be revealed.

 Does the media influence man on three levels of existence?

The media�s deception encompasses man�s entire being, for it covers the three levels of human existence: physical, psychological, and spiritual. Hence, the secret government is reforming man�s unknowing mind by using mind control to conform to the agenda of the One World Socialist Government. James Billington, a member of the Council of Foreign Relation and a Rhodes Scholar in his book Fire in The Mind states succinctly or in a few words the agenda of the secret government and societies. �This book seeks to trace the origin of faith-perhaps the faith of our time.� What is new is the belief that a perfect secular order will emerge from the forcible overthrow of traditional authority.� By �perfect secular order� it is meant an atheistic/Luciferian type of New World Order, One World Government that will overthrow the constitutional forms of governments. Many of the New World Order or Globalization believe that the UN and the World Court will bring justice and laws that will end all wars and the mindless violence, which terrorizes the world. Truth seekers understand that the only power that can bring about true peace is the Holy Spirit into the hearts and minds of mankind (Jn. 14:26-27).

The late Edward Bernays and Walter Lippmann who were the fathers of America propaganda, public opinion, and spin, which will be discussed later in this article, also confirmed the manipulation. Edward Bernays mentioned in his book Propaganda the existence of a secret government that has developed a means to control the American public opinion.

He writes: �As civilizations becomes more complex, and as the need for invisible government has been increasingly demonstrated, the technical means have been invented and developed by which the public opinion can be regimented.� 

Who sets American�s morals: the family, the church, or TV?

No longer does the family and church primarily shape and form America�s morals, tastes and opinions. For thousand of years these were the two influential forces and pillars of society that formed the psychic of Western man. But the media is displacing or supplanting them. For example, the television media is one of the primary influences in altering Americans� views toward homosexuality and other lifestyles, making them more acceptable through the use of television sitcoms and movies. Fifty years ago this would be unthinkable.

Within our secular society, the media, especially the electronic media, is being used to strip society of all spiritual or religious vestiges. Americans are not conscious of the fact that their minds are being reprogrammed to reject the things laid down in the Bible and accept all forms of pagan worship, such as witchcraft, Satanism, etc. So the media plays a major role in shaping the psychic to conform to the Modern Day Mystery Babylon the Great. If anyone doubts this, one has only to look at Madison Avenue, which shapes America�s buying tastes.

Steven Jacobson�s article entitled Media Mind Control states: �In the book 1984, George Orwell warned that people were in danger of losing their freedom of mind without being aware of it while it was happening because of psychological, emotional, and intellectual manipulation: mind control. The world of 1984 arrived unnoticed in America. Psychological warfare is being waged against the public. The problems in America are the result of people being led to believe things that are not true. Most of the people don�t pay conscious attention to the things that affect them subconsciously. 

What is the purpose of this article?

The purpose of this article is not to examine the various methods of deception, such as propaganda and psychological warfare, but to focus on its history, which includes the founders, researchers and their institutions and the use of deception by the government and others.

Of all the sciences, the most powerful is not the liberation of energy, as in the case of the atomic and nuclear, but mind control (propaganda and all forms of psychological warfare). It has the ability to shape and form the opinions of the masses. This would enable the secret government to move the masses in the direction that they want, which is a One World or New World Government.

The father of spin, Edward Bernays, confirms again that mind control and the powers behind it control the nation and the world. He states: �The conscious and intelligent manipulation of organized habits and opinion of the masses is an important element in a democratic society. These who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government, which is the true ruling power in our country.�

The intent of all this mind control is the same as Hitler aspired to in the Nazism movement -- to make a new man that will serve the state or man unquestionably and not the Creator Yahweh Elohim (Yahshua the Messiah, II Cor. 5:16-17). There is no question that this is the work of darkness or �seducing spirits� for they know in this state it is impossible to serve Yahweh Elohim in Spirit and Truth (Jn. 4:21-24).  Clearly, this confirms what the Apostle Paul wrote: �Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils (1 Tim 4:1 KJV);�

These methods of mind and thought control have driven the nations mad. Jeremiah the prophet of Israel confirms this, for Yahweh showed him a vision that ancient Babylon symbolically represented a cup full of wine in Yahweh�s hand that drove the nations mad (Jer. 51:7).

 The Sons of Light should understand that Elohim is also writing in the hearts and mind of the Sons. Jeremiah the prophet and Apostle Paul said Yahweh would write the law in our hearts and mind and not in table of stones (Jer. 31:33; Heb. 8:10 ) Now this form of brainwashing is done in righteousness since the mind is truly being cleansed of impure thoughts and nurtured with the truth. 

What are the powers of propaganda and psychological warfare?

With 20th century technology and an understanding of the mind�s operation, mind control, and influence of the masses are possible. A certain small group of men who have these god-like powers to mold mankind�s minds as they see fit, especially in America and Western Europe, are doing this. All forms of governments have used this power to sway their citizens unwittingly.

The book Nine Unknown Men by Talbot Mundy in 1927 reveals the most powerful science know to mankind is mind control which includes psychological warfare and propaganda technique. This book shows that in 273 BC India Emperor Asoka set up a legendary secret society to prevent man from using his intelligence for war and evil deeds.  All knowledge became secret and it was placed in the hands of Nine Man who kept this specialized knowledge. Each wrote a book on the subject.

Now the first of these nine man books was been devoted to the
technique of propaganda and psychological warfare considered the most powerful of all science. Mundy wrote that it was: �The most dangerous of all sciences,� He also states it moulds the masses opinion and �� it would enable anyone to govern the world.�

The science fiction writer H. G. Wells, being very close to the British ruling elite, points out the importance of understanding the mind in conquering a nation. In the book The Committee of 300 by Dr. John Coleman, �Wells claimed any nation could be defeated, not by direct confrontation, but by understanding the mind, what he called �the mental hinterlands hidden behind the persona (p. 174).� 

Edward Bernays - One Fathers of Spin

 Edward Bernays, cousin to Sigmund Freud, was one of the founders of America propaganda. He wrote the classic book Propaganda in 1928 that explains the purpose of propaganda and its effects upon people. As stated earlier in this article, most Americans are not conscious of the fact that their minds are totally under thought control. Dr. Coleman writes in his book The Committee of 300:�We are brainwashed, methodically, systemically and with out being aware of it.  Tavistock provided the system for this low intensity war against we, the people � (p. 42).  Tavistock is the premier think tank that develops these diabolical mind control methods and will be discussed later in this article.

 The shaping of the mind in such a subtle fashion has deep psychological ramifications. This means Luciferic forces, the supreme masters of mind control, manipulate our worldview of self; religion, country, and the world. No one can deny this process is taking place unless one is brain dead or in state of denial.

Now Edward Bernays in his book Propaganda, written in 1928, was able to describe those who control the mind of the masses and their purpose because of his first hand experience among the power elites that control the planet. He states: �We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. Whatever attitude one chooses to take toward this condition, it remains a fact that in almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons, a trifling fraction of our hundred and twenty million, who understand the mental process and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pulled the wires which control the public mind, and who harness old social forces and contrive new ways to bind and guide the world."  Dr. Coleman said that Bernays, along with Walter Lippmann, Lords Rothmere, and Northcliffe, was invited to England to setup the methods of propaganda for World War I.

Here we see Bernays admit that there exists those that �pulled the wires which control the public mind,� He goes on to say that they also control the thoughts of the world for they seek �new ways to bind and guide the world.� The point being made here is that an insider revealed that men with a hidden agenda are controlling America�s thoughts. 

Was Walter Lippmann the Father of Spin?

In Lippmann's book, Public Opinion Chapter I, titled "The World Outside and the Pictures in Our Heads," he writes how pictures in people�s minds are their map to how they interpret things in the world and conduct themselves.  "This then, will be the clue to our inquiry. We shall assume that what each man does is based not on direct and certain knowledge, but on pictures made by himself or given to him. If his atlas tells him that the world is flat he will not sail near what he believes to be the edge of our planet for fear of falling off. If his maps include a fountain of eternal youth, a Ponce de Leon will go in quest of it. If someone digs up yellow dirt that looks like gold, he will for a time act exactly as if he had found gold. The way in which the world is imagined determines at any particular moment what men will do. It does not determine what they will achieve. It determines their effort, their feelings, their hopes, not their accomplishments and results. The very men who most loudly proclaim their "materialism" and their contempt for "ideologues," the Marxian communists, place their entire hope on what?�

Mr. Lippmann goes on to define propaganda. He states:�On the formulation by propaganda of a class-conscious group. But what is propaganda, if not the effort to alter the picture to which men respond, to substitute one social pattern for another? What is class consciousness but a way of realizing the world? National consciousness but another way?�

Lippmann believed that there must exist an independent public opinion organization that makes �unseen facts� available to the politician, the media and industry.

"I argue that representative government, either in what is ordinarily called politics, or in industry, cannot be worked successfully, no matter what the basis of election, unless there is an independent, expert organization for making the unseen facts intelligible to those who have to make the decisions...My conclusion is that public opinions must be organized for the press if they are to be sound, not by the press as is the case today. ��

The implication of what Mr. Lippmann is advocating is frightening--a public opinion expert organization that answers to no one that is able to dispense unseen facts as the gospel truth without question to the whole nation. This certainly will enable total censorship and the manipulation of the public opinion, which shapes the mind of any nation. This type of organization exists only in totalitarian governments.

It is also an affront to free thinking people, saying they are incapable of thinking for themselves and it is a threat to any democratic republic nation. Now governments in time of war have used this type of organization to push their hidden agenda as the United States did during World War I and II. All facts about the war are usually censored by the War Department.  

Is there further proof Americans are under mind control?

Dr. Coleman points out in his book The Committee of 300 the following. �Today, people believe that they are well informed, but they do not realize is that the opinions they believe are not their own, were in fact, created by the research institutions and think tanks of America, and that none of us is really free to from our opinions about the information provided by the media and the pollsters (p. 58)� Some of the research institutions are the Stanford Research Center (SRC), Human Resources Research Office (HUMRRO), Center for Democracy, and the granddaddy of them all, Tavistock in England. In future articles, this will be discussed in more detail. He goes on to say that the social conditioning process is technically described as �� the message reaching the sense organs of persons to be influenced (p. 58).�

Now scientists that are engaged in the psychological process of conditioning are called �social engineers� and Dr. John Coleman says they play an integral part in what we see, hear, and read in the media.

Dr. Dennis Cuddy PhD in his book Secret Records Revealed quotes Professor James McConnell of the University of Michigan, in 1972. He states the following about the effects of mind control. �I teach a course called The Psychology of Influence, and I began it by stating categorically that the time has come when, if you give me any normal human being and a couple weeks, � I can change his behavior from what it is not to whatever you want it to be, if it�s physical possible � I can turn him from a Christian to communist and vice versa�Look we can do these things. Ewer can control behavior (p. 116).�

During the Korean War, many American pilots were shot down and captured. They underwent Chinese mind control and when they were returned to the USA they were ardent communists. This shocked many experts in the armed forces showing that combat personnel can have their thoughts altered.

Dr. Cuddy also quotes Milton Rokeach�s article entitled Persuasion That Persists which appeared in September 1971, Psychology Today. He states: �Suppose you could take a group of people, give them a twenty-minute pencil and paper task, talk to them for ten to twenty afterward. And thereby produce long-range changes in core values and personal behavior in a significant portion of this group. For openers it would of course have major implications for education, government, propaganda, and therapy. � It seems to be within man�s power to alter experientially another person�s basic values and to control the direction of the change.�

Dr. Cuddy�s book quotes Arthur S. Miller�s book The Secret Constitution and the Next Constitutional Change, which the Rockefeller Foundation sponsored in part and espoused that Americans should be under thought control and told what to think so that their basic freedoms can be taken away and placed in bondage to a new world order.

He states the following: �� a pervasive system of thought control exists in the United States. The citizenry is indoctrinated by employment of the masse media and the system of public education. � People are told what to think about  � the old order crumbling � Nationalism should be seen as a social disease � A new vision is required to plan and manage the future, a global vision that will transcend national boundaries and eliminate the poison nationalistic �solutions.� � A new Constitution is necessary � Americans really have no choice, for constitutional alterations will come whether or not it is liked or planned for � Ours is the age of planned society � No other way is possible (p. 134)�

Finally, the English aristocratic Bertrand Russell is part of the top echelon of this secret cabal that wants a world government. In his book The Impact of Science on Society, written in 1953, he also confirmed that mass psychology should be used on the masses where they are totally controlled.  � I think the subject will be of most importance politically is mass psychology � Various results will soon be arrived at: that the influence of home is obstructive � Although this science will be diligently studied, it should be rigidly confined to the governing class. The populace will not be allowed to know how its convictions were generated. When the technique has been perfected, every government that has been in charged of education for a generation will be able to control its subjects securely without the need of armies or policemen ��

These are just a few comments on mind control of hundreds that are in numerous books, journals and magazines. This furnishes proof that there is a conspiracy to deceive American into the New World Order and this contrary into the fundament principles of freedom that has made this nation great. The Messiah said in His ministry to Israel that the enemy is of their own household (Matt. 10:36). 

World War I and II Propaganda

Before World War I & II, the American public was polled and over 80% said they did not want to enter either one of these wars. Both Wilson and Roosevelt were candidates for presidents and said in their election campaigns that they would not send America boys to Europe to fight. But after the election the media and pollsters were able to turn the America opinions against Germany and Japan by setting up certain events. The real truth of the matter, to those that understand the true history, is the sinking of the Lusitania ship by the Germans and the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor were planned.

Information feed to the public made it appear that they were not only America�s enemies, but also enemies against humanity and democracy. The American press with their propaganda said that the soldiers of Iraq and Saddam Hussein killed babies in the hospitals when they invaded Kuwait. After the war, it was discovered that no such atrocities happened, but the media played this piece of disinformation over and over again to enrage the America public who believed this lie.  This swayed public opinion for America to enter the war.


Non-profit foundations have long been a favorite instrument by which one or another oligarchical faction has been able to discreetly test and implement new ideas in social control. The power of the biggest foundations is legendary. Since the end of the last century, institutions like the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, or the Russell Sage Foundation have been able to routinely override the objections of elected officals and go on to completely shape America's education policy, its public health policy, and even the operations of the Federal government itself.

Less well-known than these mega-foundations is the Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation. Despite its relative obscurity, the Macy Foundation is, perhaps, more responsible for the nastier aspects of today's social reality in America than any other single institution. During and immediately after World War II, the Macy Foundation was utilized by a combination which included the British secret services, corrupt sections of American intelligence, plus treasonous members of the U.S. establishment, to conduct a vast social experiment. The overall purpose of the experiment was to end the uncontrolled optimism of a population that had just won a world war and had started to rebuild the world, and instead, to redirect that energy inward upon itself.

Three parts of that experiment became so successful, that most people today think of them as some ``natural'' evolution of Western society, rather than as an unnatural deformation imposed from the outside. The ``Sexual Revolution'' of the late 1960s and early 1970s--which decisively accelerated today's collapse of the nuclear family--could not have occurred in the form in which it did, without the Macy Foundation's almost singlehanded sponsorship of the development and dissemination of oral contraceptives. Similarly, the Macy Foundation was a primary actor in creating the ``Psychedelic Revolution,'' thereby turning a postwar population that hitherto looked at sleeping pills with suspicion, into today's America, which routinely takes a new drug for every new mood, and prescribes psychoactive substances to its children by the millions of doses. And perhaps most importantly, it was the Macy Foundation that helped to pervert American citizens' world-renowned sense of technological optimism, into the now-pervasive ideology of the ``Information Age.''

The crowning irony is that the majority of the postwar Baby Boomer generation--precisely the generation targetted by the Macy Foundation program--today celebrates the foundation's evil accomplishments as their own happiest memories! Even as you read this, some 50-year-old of your acquaintance is pausing from a frenzied session of Internet stock speculation to reminisce over the golden days of collegiate ``free love'' and LSD. But, as every good brainwasher knows, it is important to induce the victim to identify with the ideology of his tormentor.


- Eugenics and `shock trauma' -


The Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation was created in New York City in 1930 to ``support scientific investigations of the fundamental aspects of health.'' This Macy family is not connected to the famous department store family, but is an old Nantucket whaling and clipper ship clan that made early investments in the oil industry. In 1872, the Macys' Long Island Oil Company became part of the growing Standard Oil empire of John D. Rockefeller.

When the Macys set up their foundation, they were actually creating an arm's-length proprietary for the Rockefeller Foundation. The new foundation's security clearance was established by its first executive secretary, Brig. Gen. Marlborough Churchill. A distant relation of Winston Churchill's family, the general had commanded the military intelligence division of the U.S. Army during the last year of World War|I, and on into the immediate postwar period. In this assignment, Churchill worked with ``The Enquiry,'' the extra-legal intelligence entity created by Col. Edwin House, President Woodrow Wilson's notorious aide.

The foundation's grant portfolio was deceptive. Some grants were surely benign. However, certain sponsored studies in ``cell biology'' were actually analyzing techniques in eugenics, or ``race science.'' A large amount of grant money also went to what the foundation called ``psychosomatic interrelations,'' that is, how physiological change affects the mind, and vice versa. This was a cover for work on clinical techniques that would later be called ``brainwashing.''

Since the end of the nineteenth century, researchers (including heavyweights such as William James at Harvard) had been seeking methods to rapidly transform the human personality. James studied drugs and ``varieties of religious experience'' as possible techniques. After World War|I, there was substantial study of ``shell shock'' cases, because it had been noticed that, under certain circumstances, intense combat stress could completely and instantaneously change a soldier's personality. Starting in the 1920s, the Tavistock Clinic of London was the premier location for shell shock research, and the attempt to re-create transformational ``shock trauma'' outside of the combat environment. Tavistock quickly became Britain's most important covert psychological warfare think tank.

The Josiah Macy Foundation appears to have been a Tavistock research outpost in America since its inception. During World War II, this collaboration became extensive, and included studies on how one causes public panics, and on how to covertly disperse chemical and biological agents. The foundation's wartime publications first popularized in America the work of William Sargant, a British specialist in ``shock trauma'' who would later be one of the world's premier brainwashers. After the war, the Macy Foundation almost wholly funded the creation of the World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH), an effort headed by Tavistock director John Rawlings Rees, to infiltrate what Rees called ``psychiatric shock troops'' into every culture in the world.

The WFMH itself became a huge clearing-house of psychological warfare profiles used by British and American intelligence services during the Cold War. A typical Macy-WFMH joint project was the ``Conferences on Problems of Health and Human Relations in Germany,'' a series of high-level, 1950-51 meetings designed to convince German social scientists and health care providers that the Frankfurt School's bogus ``authoritarian personality'' profile should be relied upon in dealing with German patients.


- Cybernetics and `the Pill' -


This intense Anglo-American interest in the brainwashing possibilities of shock trauma, was the actual origin of the theory of the ``Information Age.''

At the end of World War II, the Macy Foundation set up a project to create a theoretical model of extreme stress, especially taking into account the psychosomatic ``feedback overload'' which appeared to cause many shell shock cases. To that end, the foundation organized a conference group on ``Circular Causal and Feedback Mechanisms in Biological and Social Systems,'' putting clinicians together with mathematicians, sociologists, and economists. From the very first meeting in 1946, it was clear that the group was designed to accomplish great things: If one could create a model of a physiological system through which information is received from the environment, processed, and then fed back to change that environment, then, perhaps, it were possible to model the human mind itself--especially if one used the computational machines then being developed. The group became devoted to the premise, later stated by one of the founding members, John von Neumann, that the human nervous system is really just ``an efficiently organized, large natural automaton,'' which is therefore subject to deterministic, linear mathematical modelling.

Here Macy and Tavistock saw the possibility of social control on a gigantic scale! The ability to make machines act like humans, and the ability to treat humans as machines--the final accomplishment of H.G. Wells's old Fabian goal of a ``scientific world order'' where everything is as neat as a differential equation, and unpredictable things such as human creativity never mess things up. With this new and much broader mission, the Macy group changed its name; founder Norbert Wiener coined a new word, ``cybernetics,'' from the Greek word for ``helmsman,'' and they became the Conference on Cybernetics.

Incidentally, today's overused prefix ``cyber-,'' as in cyber-sex, cyber-banking, etc. all comes from this original Macy Foundation usage. Literally all of what we now know as ``information theory'' has its roots in these Macy researches.

It should be emphasized here, that the computer is not a bad thing in itself; indeed, it is a wonderful tool; that's why America originally embraced the technology. The problem is that these Macy theories so decisively shaped the development of computers and computerization, that computerized automation has never come close to achieving its potential for assisting human progress. Rather, the opposite occurred. Today's widespread addiction to the Internet and 64-bit games might help you understand what the Macy group meant by ``Man-Machine interface'' back in the 1950s.

And, if you couldn't quite act like a machine, perhaps the process could be enhanced by drugs. Almost simultaneous with the cybernetics study, the Macy Foundation opened a parallel line of investigation into psychedelic drugs as a means of social manipulation. Working with a renegade faction of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency and with the British MI6, the Macy Foundation became one of the primary covert funding conduits for a project code-named MK-Ultra. As many might remember, this was the project that secretly brought the hallucinogen LSD to America, supplying it to Dr. Timothy ``Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out!'' Leary, and many other pioneers of the ``Psychedelic Revolution.''

A significant number of the people who conducted covert drug brainwashing experiments under MK-Ultra contract, had previously been grantees of Macy. Even more striking, is the fact that the majority of these grantees were not involved in Macy's various medical projects, but rather were involved in the cybernetics project. Such joint Cybernetics Conference/MK-Ultra personnel included the anthropologist Gregory Bateson, his wife Margaret Mead, and emigre@aa psychologist Kurt Lewin.

The Macy Foundation was also instrumental in launching the ``Sexual Revolution.'' The work of Harvard's Dr. Gregory Pincus was heavily underwritten by Macy, starting in 1935. Pincus was studying reproduction, and the eugenicists at Macy were studying how certain types of people should not be allowed to engage in reproduction. In 1954, Macy awarded Pincus a large special grant. In 1955, Pincus patented ``the Pill.''


The Black Nobility

The black nobility is a wealthy aristocracy of elite ruling families who solidified their wealth in the 12 century by intermarrying with the wealthy godfather families of Venice, Italy.

During the blood-baths of the Christian Crusades, this brutal Italian Oligarchy captured the trading monopolies. Over the centuries the black nobility have used their power and wealth to rape, plunder and exploit every corner of the globe.

Today, the black nobility enrich themselves in the illegal drugs and arms trade, using well distanced intermediaries. An estimated 280 billion in flight capitol and drug money flows into their secret Swiss accounts. The black nobility include the house of Hanover, Germany; the house of Hapsburg, Austria; the house of Orange, Netherlands; the house of Liechtenstein, Liechtenstein; and most importantly, the house of Guelph, Britain.

All of these family houses can be found on QE2's family tree. The black nobility are the founders of the committee of 300 which is also known as the Illuminate or illuminated ones. QE2 is head of the committee of these 300 ruling families. The illuminate was formed to achieve one main objective – one world government, called the new world order.

All of today's think-tanks originate for the committee of 300 and include "The Round Table", "The Council on Foreign Relations", "The United Nations Organization", "The Bilderberger Group", "The Club or Rome", "The Royal Institute of International Affairs" and "The Trilateral Commission" founded by David Rockefeller.

Since the British colonization of America, many powerful American families have formed secret societies that co-operate with the black nobility. Like the Skull and Bones fraternity at Yale University which is routed in German Freemasonry.

Its exclusive members are some of America's most powerful and wealthy men. Including two of America's presidents – President George W. Bush and his father President George Herbert Walker Bush.

The New England genealogy society confirms that 19 US presidents are descendants of king Edward 3rd. of England. Like European Royalty, America's bloodlines are maintained through intermarriage. George W. Bush is descended from several kings of England and Scotland. He is also a distant cousin of QE2 of England.

The think-tanks of the committee of 300 have given birth to the Tavistock Institute, HAARP, the Rand Corporation, Stanford Research Institute and the Institute for Policy Studies, among others.

One study group in the Rand Corporation specializes in the timing and direction of thermal nuclear war.

These institutes and corporations are engaged in the secretive development of brainwashing and population control techniques, the mapping and patenting of human and animal DNA and the genetic engineering of human, animal and plant life. They are also developing chemical, bacteriological and psychological weaponry.

 Kenneth Benne’s second book on the National Training Laboratories was THE LABORATORY METHOD OF CHANGING AND LEARNING THEORY AND APPLICATION.  Some of the organizations, and their date of origin, which have come from the NTL’s are listed below:  During the late 40s and early 50s with grants from the Carnegie Corporation the NTL “developed a national headquarters and a year-round program as a part of the Division of Adult Education of the National Education Association.”

1952 – Western Training Lab

1956 – Management Work Conference Church Workers Conference (National Council of Churches)

1957 – Key Executive Lab

1959 – Educator’s Lab

1960 – Community Workers Lab & Higher Education Lab

1963 – Adult Education Division split from NEA-NTL

1964 – European Institute for Trans-national Studies in Group and Organizational Development

1965 – Presidents’ Conference for presidents of major industries and businesses

1968 – The Australian Institute of Human Relations . . . etc.

            Jane Howard in her book Please Touch:  A Guide Tour of the Human Potential Movement (McGraw-Hill, NY, 1970) gives an extended list of organizations, and Who’s Who that were involved with the NTL’s up to 1970.  Called T-groups (Training groups) and following the encounter groups of the NTL, Howard writes “the human potential groups were striving to reacquaint us with the ‘affective domain,’ and help us to be less ‘cognitive.’”  Small groups were the key to the movement’s success.  Administrators and faculty as well as students were the main target to be exposed to “affective education,” otherwise known as “sensitivity training.”

            “Growth Centers,” (like Esalen, etc.) she wrote “began as a West Coast phenomenon.  The more conservative groups organized much earlier in the East” (Bethel).  The Growth Centers’ “most prestigious founders” were Maslow and Rogers and ranged from their “Basic Encounter Workshop” at the Western Behavioral Sciences Institute in La Jolla to “Nude Encounter Therapy” sessions (blessed by Dr. Maslow) in Los Angeles.  Warren Bennis stated “There is no sacredness to anything, including encounter.”

            Maslow commented to Howard “We have to teach everyone to be a therapist.”  He recognized the difficulty in getting the public schools to participate, “Reforming a school system is like melting a glacier.”  Administrators were the key to its success.  Without a change in the Administrator the school system itself could not be changed.

            Moreno stated “I told Freud he put people on a couch and isolated them, which was entirely wrong.  We don’t live on a couch; we live in groups from birth to death.  Freud took people into the past, I take them into the present and future.  Psychodrama deals with the Here-and-Now.”  As Howard put it “the groups provide the right gemeinschaft for the angsts of our zeitgeist.”  Moreno commented “Right now (in America, 1970) we’re going through a transitional period of anarchy and chaos.  The giants are dead and 200 million midgets are in charge.  We have to wait for what we need:  a psychiatry and sociatry for all mankind.”

            According to Howard the Human Potential Movement, (on which OBE, TQM, and STW are built), stems from Dr. Ferdinand Tonnies, a German sociologist of the late 1880’s who recognized the differences between Gesselschaft (a patriarchal hierarchy), and Gemeinschaft (a matriarchal community.  Others who followed were Joseph Pratt, Trigant Burrow, J. L. Moreno, Frank Buchman, Frederick Perls, and Wilfred Bion (Tavistock).  “Tavistock groups are emotionally right wing of the NTL.  They’re to the NTL what the NTL is to Esalen.”  Howard noted Bion, the English psychologist who eventually moved to Los Angeles, as its founder.  Bion was to Tavistock in London, as Kurt Lewin was to the NTL in America.  Margaret Rioch, Washington D.C. School of Psychiatry and the National Institute of Mental Health, officially linked the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations to America in 1965.

            Kurt Lewin believed that self-help groups could prevent the totalitarianism which developed in Germany under Hitler.  He fled Berlin and came to America in 1933.  Howard writes that “The small group struck him as the obvious link between individual and social dynamics.”

            Lewin believed he could use the group dynamic process to overcome “the social restraints imposed on groups by technology, economics, law, and politics.”  He believed the use of “Force Field Analysis” could help people identify the negative forces (pre-set standards) which acted as a barrier to self-determined, felt needs satisfaction and positive forces which liberated self-determined behavior.

            T-groups were originally developed by Lewin at the Research Center for Group Dynamics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the Commission on Community Interrelations of the American Jewish Congress.  Both were involved in the Basic Skill Training Group held in Connecticut in 1946 (see Benne’s book Human Relations in Curriculum Change, 1954).  “The use of groups for growth purposes is as old as human life on earth . . . these studies were rather late in coming,” Kenneth Benne.

            With the help of the NEA, Kenneth Benne, Leland Bradford, and Ronald Lippitt continued Lewin’s dream by setting up the first National Training Lab at Bethel, Main in 1947.  That year Kurt Lewin died.  Douglas McGregor’s humanistic (anti-authoritarian) management theories, i. e. “sensitivity training,” developed at Berkeley under the Industrial Relations Institute (joining labor-management relations with community service) brought the NTL to UCLA in 1954, forming the Western Training Lab.

            Carl Rogers used the basic encounter group as an instrument for self-directed change in Immaculate Heart school system in Los Angeles.  Dr. William Coulson overseeing this project stated that the project “simply fortifies the staffs’ willingness to run risks.  The individual is strengthened in encounter groups.  He learns to trust his experience.”  He saw the encounter group “as a medium of harnessing the energy of the student revolutionary.”  Today those schools do not exist.  The school disintegrated under the watchful eye of Rogers and Coulson.  Both discovered a “pattern of failure” with the group encounter process.  Rogers saw it as a pattern hard to overcome, traditional minds tended to prevail in society despite the pressure to change, while Coulson saw the process itself as a failure.  Coulson continues to sound the warning today.

            The NTL’s carried out labs “geared to the special needs of key executives, middle-management workers and, corporation presidents.”  Companies were encouraged to commit themselves to five years of their time to the NTL’s.

            The National Council of Churches helped sponsor encounter groups such as “Theological Reflection on the Human Potential.”  As Jane Howard stated in 1970, “One could make a life work of visiting all the churches that have been affected by sensitivity training.”  Religious institutions such as “Willow Creek” and “Saddleback” push the encounter group experience in churches even today.

            The encounter group experience produces an “ephemeral” effect on its participants.  Like an intoxicating drug it keeps those who have experienced it “clamoring for more.”

            A few of the Growth Centers, as mentioned by Howard, which were in operation by 1970, were:  Gestalt Therapy Institute of San Diego; Institute of Group Psychotherapy in Beverly Hills, Nexus in El Cajon; Western Behavioral Science Institute in LaJolla; American Association for Humanistic Psychology in San Francisco; Berkeley Center for Human Interaction; Esalen Institute in Big Sur and San Francisco; San Francisco Gestalt Therapy Institute; Institute for Group and Family Studies in Palo Alto; Senoi Counseling and Growth Center in Eugene, Oregon; Center of Man in Mincanopy, Florida; Family Relations Institute in Annadale, Virginia; Laos House:  Southwest Center for Human Potential in Austin, Texas; Association of Community Trainers in New York City; Institute for Experimental Education in Lexington, Massachusetts; Institute for Rational Living in Philadelphia; Moreno Institute of Psychodrama in New York City and Beacon, New York; National Council of Churches in New York City; Psychosynthetic Research Foundation in New York City; and Gestalt Training Institute of Canada at Lake Cowichan, Vancouver, British Columbia.

            By 1970 there were six NTL divisions: NTL Institute for Applied Behavior Science (Washington D.C.); Midwest Group for Human Resources in Kansas City, Missouri; NTL Institute in Portland, Oregon; NTL Institute in Salt Lake City, Utah; NTL Labs in Bethel, Maine; Cedar City, Utah; Lake Arrowhead, California; and Western Training Labs at UCLA in Los Angeles.  The Diaprax article Regional Training Laboratories (Federally funded Marxist training camps)  lists the contemporary NTL’s, now called Regional Training Labs.

            Howard’s 1970 list of companies which use NTL training reads like Who’s Who; American Airlines, Boeing, Dow Chemical, General Electric, General Foods, IBM, Kaiser Aluminum, Eli Lilly, Monsanto, Procter and Gamble, Standard Oil, TRW, just to mention a few.

            Her listing of colleges and universities is likewise extensive, mentioning Stanford, Brigham Young, Georgia State, Michigan State, Ohio State, Purdue, Universities of Texas, Tennessee, Florida, Oregon, Utah, Michigan, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, Harvard, Maryland, Vermont, Yeshiva, Temple, Teachers College of Columbia, MIT, SUNY, New York, George Washington (D.C.), Boston College, Georgia State College, Colorado State College, etc.  Today it would be a short list to name those who have not participated with the NTL’s group encounter agenda.

            All I can say to those who use this process, although I doubt they would or even could understand, “Professing to be wise, they have become Fools.”  Herein lies the title to a book Death to America.  Who killed America?  You did.  When you refused to proclaim the Word of God or stopped doing so when confronted with group dynamics, you killed America.  Every time you made mankind, instead of God, the source for your felt needs satisfaction, America died.


(Behavioral Science Teacher Education Program)

A review of the final report of US dept. of HEW contract no.  OEC-0-9-320424-402 (010), by Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan, Dec. 31, 1969.


            BSTEP, a “comprehensive program” (Gestalt-perpetual culture change, performance-based, evaluation) for the restructuring of Michigan State University into a NTL, through its curriculum (“Behavioral Science paradigm”) was initiated on Dec. 31, 1967.  With the use of “measurable” “laboratory-centered experiences” (developmental experiences” for the purpose of “systematizing of teacher behavior”)  BSTEP would provide “alternative solutions” to traditional education (“goodness,” “badness,” time-based, measurement) programs (referred to as “the slum of the American educational system.”)

            With the development of “a new kind of school teacher . . . engaged in teaching as clinical practice,” where teachers “function as a responsible agent of social change” (ability to relate with, manipulate, and evaluate student behavior), “old value systems” would be modified and new ones developed.  Student teachers would be “sensitized” to “diversity,” and “non-Western thought and values, . . . promoting an understanding of human behavior in humanistic terms.”  (“How do children from upper-class, middle-class, lower-class homes behave?  What are their respective needs?”  The NTL developed program “facilitates” learning experiences with the “prescriptive” (not just descriptive) cycle of “reflecting (describing, analyzing), proposing (hypothesizing, prescribing), and doing (treating, and observing consequences).”  Faculty Orientation and In-Service Education programs would be build on BSTEP experiences.

            A “coalition among educational agencies, professional organizations, community resources, and business and industry” would be built upon the philosophical position of “adaptability to change,” requiring “non-school resources” to join in partnership with educational agencies with “the most modern technology available” in “information storage and retrieval,” for “tracks” of “behavioral attitudes and achievements” (“The BSTEP information retrieval system will store records on the personal characteristics of all BSTEP students”), “ERIC Clearinghouse on Teacher Education.”  “Major additional resources” according to the study, would be necessary to “restructure the total curriculum.”  Funded on March 1, 1968, BSTEP united with the U.S. Ofc. Of Ed. on October 31, 1968.

            “Systems analysis” was incorporated in the scheme, under contract with HEW.  The development for the design of this project was the work of the Southwest Regional Laboratory for Education Research and Development.  Workforce development is a major concern of “Systems Thinking.”  The Teaching Research Laboratory at Monmouth, Oregon piloted “low cost simulated programs dealing directly with classroom management.”  Bloom’s Taxonomies were used to define the instructional variables involved with instructional planning, i.e. the “Professional Use of Knowledge.”  They provided the evaluation tool needed for data collection on both staff and student behavior and content.

            According to the report, HEW studied “the possibilities of a social state-of-the-union” in the future based on a consumer (not producer) or service driven economy to answer the question “Can educational institutions change rapidly enough to meet the needs of a changing society?”  The Rand Corporation, the Air Force, General Electric Company, and the United Nations were but a few of the organizations which attempted to forecast the future in accordance to NTL evolving outcomes.  “Rand use[d] the ‘Delphi’ method in which a wide range of experts have confrontations and arrive finally at a near-consensus.”  The years 1984, 2000, and 2100 were predicted or conceived with the later year being a time when “gravity may be controlled through some modifications of gravity fields,” as an example.  The future is a time when man “must effectively forge human and natural resources to serve his fellow man and help create uniqueness.”

            It was projected that the “technological-scientific elite” would “strain the democratic fabric to a ripping point,” that “regionalism” would “create tensions and strained public services,” that “the Young in age or in attitude” would be confronted by “Older members” over social change, that the “quality of living” would produce conflicts over “values and priorities,” that mass media would be used to prevent social disintegration as the American “melting pot” and separatists conflicted, that cooperations will form international groups, vast data banks on society will be in operation, that the flow of information will be such that “few individuals will be able to maintain control over their opinions,” being controlled by “competing opinion molders,” and that society would do a shift in values as a result of social mobility.  The solution for all these problem areas, according to the study, was the use of laboratory experiences, interdisciplinary studies, encounter experiences, seminars on futurism, “Think-tanks,” conflict resolution group negotiations training, cybernetic experienced in non-school work, etc.

            BSTEP was the first major attempt to bring an entire education institution under the control of the NTL program with the agenda of bringing all educational institutions under the same program.  BSTEP was a federally funded pilot program for a global education system.