Holographic Control

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Fifth Edition

page 1119

HYPNOSIS: ("A presumed altered state of
consciousness in which the hypnotized individual is  usually
more susceptible to suggestion than in his or her  normal
state.  In this context, a suggestion is understood to  be
an idea or a communication carrying an idea that  elicits
a covert or overt response not mediated by the  higher
critical faculties (this is, the volitional  apparatus).

Hypnosis cannot be physiologically distinguished
from the normal awake state of an individual,  and for
this reason its existence has been questioned by
some investigators. There are few phenomena
observed in association with hypnosis, if any,  that
are specific to the hypnotic state. Most are  directly
or indirectly produced by suggestions. Through
suggestions given to hypnotized individuals.  It  is
possible to induce alterations in memory,  perception,
sensation, emotions, feelings, attitudes, beliefs,  and
muscular state.  Such changes can be, and  usually
are, incorporated into the complex behavior of  the
individual, resulting in amnesias and  paramnesias,
fuguelike conditions, paralysis, loss of sensory  functions,
changes in attention, personality alterations,  hallucinatory
and delusional behavior, and even physiological  changes.
  Enhanced recall is sometimes possible.  Although
sometimes remarkable, the effects produced  through
hypnosis with the majority of individuals are much  less
spectacular than popularly believed.")