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PsyOps Bibliography


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The basis for this bibliography was found several years back on a list when it was sent from the above URL. However, this is a bibliography which now contains entries from other people not affiliated with the above URL, including myself. Thus, for all practical purposes it is a "work-in-progress" project put together by a number of people and has now quite a few contributors and I have edited it. Some of the entries are not complete, they will be corrected in time.Ordering publications and pamphlets which are out-of-print, which many references are can be difficult, try the run of the mill such as and first. Otherwise, here is a list of places to try to locate some of the rarer sources from this list:

RARE: Peter Hennessy Bookseller, P.O. Box 393, Peconik, NY 119580-0393(516) 734-5650 (516) 734-7920

SCIENTIFIC: Plenum Publishing Corp., 233 Spring St., New York, NY 10013-1578(212) 620-8000 (212) 463-0742 (Fax) (213) 221-9369.

N. TESLA: The Tesla Book Company, or

SOME PRIVATE ISSUE PUBLICATIONS: (Flatland books, POB 2420, Ft. Bragg, CA 95437 (707) 964-8326).

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